Exceptional companies are driven by exceptional talent.

Exceptional companies are driven by exceptional talent.

See what our clients have to say about us.

See what our clients have to say about us.

“We partnered with Fairfield on three searches, including our Head of Sales role and found them to be extremely professional and steeped in the category. Throughout the process the team at Fairfield took the time to understand our needs, translate them to a strong selling document on the company, and bring a strong slate of candidates to the table for each role. I particularly appreciated the high touch customer service they offered throughout the process each time. In the end we secured three high value candidates that have taken our business to new levels.

— Blake T. Waltrip | CEO, U.S. The a2 Milk Co.

“We chose Fairfield Partners to find a top-notch VP Marketing individual for our business when Angie’s was at a key inflection point in our growth. They met with us and took a serious interest in learning our business, including our culture. We saw many qualified candidates and were extremely pleased with the winning candidate who helped take our business to the next level of growth.”

— Angie Bastian | Founder, Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP

“Fairfield Partners were exceptional to work with. We set very high standards for what we were looking for with a unique set of skills including manufacturing expertise, cultural fit, and financial knowledge, and they never gave up or lost hope despite some of the challenges we faced. They spent the time to listen and understand the exact skill set that we were after, and ultimately found the perfect match for Base Culture. We now have a fantastic CFO leading us forward into the next chapter of Base Culture. Thank you Fairfield Partners!

— Jordann Windschauer, CEO & Founder, Base Culture

“The people at Fairfield Partners helped build our management team beyond its original founding members. They understood our culture and growth strategy, became a part of our company and helped “fuel” our rapid expansion.”

— Kelly Flatley | Founder, Bear Naked

“Since the onset of the pandemic, we have partnered with Fairfield for three critical positions across sales and marketing to support our rapid growth. They “harvested” and delivered outstanding candidates for all three roles, and we are thrilled with the results!”

— Abby Prior, Chief Commercial Officer, BrightFarms

“We have enjoyed a strong relationship with Fairfield Partners for many years. They have completed over 20 searches for Acme United, including leadership positions in general management, marketing, finance, sales, supply chain, IT and HR. They are long-term relationship oriented and are truly a trusted partner.”

— Brian Olschan | President, Acme United

“Fairfield Partners took the time to understand our business, goals and culture, truly becoming an ambassador for our company and products. They delivered on their promise of presenting outstanding candidates. Our hiring team literally gave each other “high-fives” after Fairfield found us a candidate who exceeded our demanding expectations.”

— Pete Lescoe | Founder and CEO, Food Should Taste Good

“We needed to find an outstanding sales leader to drive our club business, which represents an important part of our business. Fairfield Partners presented us with quality candidates and the winning candidate won employee of the year in his first year with the business.”

— Jim Hoagland | Chief Operating Officer, Ito En NA

“Working with Fairfield Partners made what seemed like an impossible task easy – finding a President for our growing business who could function at the highest level, while also working with each employee, no matter what their position, with support and respect. They really took the time to understand what made our business unique and strived to satisfy our specific needs, which led to successful placement. I look forward to working with them again and again in the future.”

— Carla Bartolucci | Founder, Jovial Foods, Inc.

“We needed a talented individual to lead the sales and marketing efforts for our unique and fast-growing business. Fairfield Partners met with our team in Boulder at their expense to better understand our business, vision, and culture. The process was fast and efficient, and they found us an outstanding individual and great fit for this critical role.”

— Annie Ryu | CEO & Founder, Jack & Annie’s

“Prior to working with Fairfield Partners, I did not appreciate the benefits of working with a retained search firm. They strategically evaluate candidates and do not settle for anything less than excellence. Their work ethic is off-the-charts, and my only hesitation in recommending them is that I wish I could have kept their existence a competitive secret.”

Daniel Lubetzky | CEO, Kind Snacks

“Fairfield Partners are true professionals and always a pleasure to work with. They did deep and excellent research to fill key positions for us, including President and leadership roles in Finance and Sales. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

— Maya Kaimal | Founder, Chief Culinary and Creative Officer

“Mineral Fusion needed a top SVP Sales to take our growing natural cosmetics and personal care business to the next level. Fairfield Partners presented outstanding candidates and worked closely with us to help us select the best candidate for the role.”

— Thomas Brown | CEO, Mineral Fusion Natural Brand

“Fairfield Partners, having not done a prior search in the seafood space quickly learned about the intricacies of a unique category. They quickly assimilated themselves into the corporate culture of an international company and helped educate us on the American market. I will absolutely work with the team at Fairfield Partners again.”

— Michael Fabbro | General Manager NA, New Zealand King Salmon

“Fairfield Partners has conducted several key searches for our portfolio companies – searches that included hiring a company President and filling other top management roles in Finance and Sales. Hired candidates have all positively impacted their respective businesses. Fairfield Partners has become a ‘go-to’ firm when we have a critical job search that needs to be completed in a tight timeframe.”

— Alison Minter | Managing Partner, North Castle Partners

“I have had a relationship with the Fairfield Partners team for over ten years. We engaged Fairfield with the assignment of finding a foodservice sales leader to drive that business. They understood our requirements and quickly presented quality candidates for the role. We were very pleased with the results and will not hesitate to partner with them again.”

— Paul Nardone | CEO, BFY Brands (PopCorners)

“Our fast-growing firm needed a new Controller. Fairfield Partners really understood our requirements and quickly provided quality candidates. We were able to hire a top-notch candidate who started with us 60 days after we initiated the search!”

— Larry LaPorta | General Manager Raymundo’s/RFG Dairy

“We needed to conduct an executive search for a highly skilled sales leader to head up our channel strategy, product ideation, and deepen our relationships in the Club channel. We turned only to Fairfield Partners for this herculean task. They took the time and effort to meet with us (even during Covid) and did a deep dive into our business, strategy, and culture. I was very impressed, they are extremely thorough in the scope of any search—surprisingly, not cookie cutter at all. Their team’s astute knowledge and pedigree for over two decades in the food and beverage sector was exemplary and gave us the upper hand with top candidates, resulting in our hiring a VP of Club sales in record time. I would highly recommend Fairfield Partners to any company looking to bring on top leadership”

— Adnan Durrani | CEO, Founder, Saffron Road

“We partnered with Fairfield Partners on a critical sales leader search for our Drug Store and Canadian businesses. Shortly after meeting with us, they presented several highly qualified candidates for the role. In the end, we were very pleased with their process and the results.”

— Craig Stevenson | CEO, Scholl’s Wellness Company

“Fairfield Partners partnered with our management team as we set out to hire a head of sales during an integral stage of our growth. Whether it was being able to pivot during the search or providing continuous feedback on the marketplace and candidates, Fairfield Partners successfully completed the search and provided us with a candidate we have the confidence will help us grow exponentially. Their honest, hardworking approach was a pleasure, and we would absolutely work with them again.

— Scott Demers | Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Scott & Jon’s

“We commenced an internal search for a VP Sales but soon handed the assignment over to Fairfield Partners. Not only did they complete the search in 45 days, but they found us an individual who was strong enough to lead our marketing department as well. This development came at a critical time in our growth. They are a pleasure to work with.”

— Ashok Vasudevan | Founder and CEO, Tasty Bite

“Working with Fairfield Partners exceeded our expectations. Not only were they a pleasure to work with, but they also presented a very thorough candidate pool, for a senior leadership position. We were very pleased with the outcome, where we hired an individual who is a great fit for the company and role. I would definitely use Fairfield Partners again for future searches.”

— John Raiche | Executive Vice President of Supplier Services & Merchandising, United Natural Foods, Inc.

“Partnering with the team at Fairfield Partners was a fantastic recruiting experience. They worked tirelessly to find COO candidates who fit our particular parameters – location, experience, culture fit, etc. They took the time to understand our team and business so that their efforts were perfectly aligned with our needs. We were so pleased with the whole process and the ultimate result. We highly recommend Fairfield Partners!”

— Kevin McCarthy | CEO, UNREAL

“This is the second time as CEO of a company that I have partnered with Fairfield Partners to conduct a marketing leadership search and they have knocked both searches out of the park!”

— Steve Van Tassel | CEO, YumEarth

“Our fast-growing business needed a savvy marketing leader who could leverage our momentum in ecommerce towards our launch into the retail channels. Fairfield Partners did a nationwide search and found an outstanding candidate to lead these efforts. They have since found us two other outstanding candidates – a VP NA Retail Sales and a Sales Director, Walmart/Sam’s Club. We are very pleased with the results!

— Steve Ball | CEO, H&H Group/Zesty Paws